3/8" Copper Fittings

Hercules copper fittings are designed for ACR specific applications.

  • Hercules copper fitting has the size on each fitting; this greatly benefits the counter sales team ensuring correct identification. It also aids the contractor in the field once the fitting is removed from the box.
  • Hercules poly-bags the fittings before packaging them inside the box. It is important to the refrigeration system to keep the fittings clean; contaminants can cause expensive and destructive malfunctions. This organizational feature also saves time and money when clients count their inventory, they count boxes and not individual fittings.
  • The Hercules fittings have tight tolerances on the cup side. It enables clients to achieve a stronger joint with the tube and easier brazing.

SKU Description Prod Info Price/Units Quantity
CF3845 3/8" COPPER 45 CXC N-3012 EA
CF3845ST 3/8" STREET 45 FTG X C N-3312 Product_Details EA
CF38516R 3/8" X 5/16" REDUCER N-1010 EA
CF3890L 3/8" COPPER L/R 90 CXC N-2716 EA
CF3890LST 3/8" L/R STREET90 FTGXC N-2809 EA
CF3890 90 DEG ELL SR CXC 3/8OD N-2009 EA
CF3890ST 90 DEG ST EL FTGXC 3/8 N-2312 EA