Nailor Perforated Round Lay In Diffuser

Material: Corrosion-resistant steel.2. Discharge pattern can adjust to 1, 2, 3 or 4-way horizontal, before or after installation. Discharge pattern is adjusted by dropping the perforated face and rotating the pattern deflectors. Diffusers are shipped from the factory with a 4-way discharge pattern.3. Removable face has concealed latches for easy access to core and optional damper.4. Perforated face has 3/16" diameter holes on 1/4" staggered centres.5. Excellent performance in VAV systems. 6. Standard finish is AW Appliance White.


SKU Description Prod Info Price/Units Quantity
43206 #4320 PERF LAY IN 6" EA
43208 #4320 PERF LAY IN 8" EA
432010 #4320 PERF LAY IN 10" EA
432012 #4320 PERF LAY IN 12" EA
432014 #4320 PERF LAY IN 14" EA
432016 #4320 PERF LAY IN 16" EA