Backdraft dampers are used in ventilation systems to allow airflow in one direction and prevent airflow in the opposite direction. A pressure relief damper is developed with an elevated and adjustable start-open pressure while providing the backdraft function. When selecting the correct damper for your application, you need to know: • System velocity and back pressure requirements • Mounting orientation and airflow direction • Mounting configuration (inserted into duct/opening or flange mounted) • Damper operation (gravity or motorized) • Start-open pressure

SKU Description Prod Info Price/Units Quantity
4BDD 4" BACK DRAFT DAMPER 48/BOX Product_Details EA
5BDD 5" BACKDRAFT DAMPER (12/BOX) Product_Details EA
6BDD 6" BACKDRAFT DAMPER 48/BX Product_Details EA
7BDD 7" BACKDRAFT DAMPER 12/BX Product_Details EA
9BDD 9" BACKDRAFT DAMPER 12/BX Product_Details EA
10BDD 10" BACK DRAFT DAMPER 8/BOX Product_Details EA