The HSA1(B,Q)D unit, when combined with our matchedindoor coils, offers a full line of quality, split-systemcooling equipment. Units are ideally sized formanufactured housing applications.


SKU Description Prod Info Price/Units Quantity
HSA1BD4M1SN18K 1014200H 13 SEER AC 18K EA
HSA1BD4M1SN24K 1014201H 13 SEER AC 24K EA
HSA1BD4M1SN30K 1014202H 13 SEER AC 30K EA
HSA1BD4M1SN36K 1014203H 13 SEER AC 36K EA
HSA1BD4M1SN42K 1014204H 13 SEER AC 42K EA
HSA1BD4M1SN48K 1014205H 13 SEER AC 48K EA
HSA1BD4M1SN60K 1014206H 13 SEER AC 60K EA