The MG1 Series furnace is designed for all sizes ofmanufactured and modular homes. These units incorporatehigh efficiency, reliability, and low maintenance. Units maybe installed free standing in a utility room or enclosed inan alcove or closet. MG1 Series furnaces are availablein A/C adaptable or A/C ready, with or without coil cavitybox and many burner options.


SKU Description Prod Info Price/Units Quantity
MG1E056F1AAM1 1025401 80%DF FRNTR 56BTU EA
MG1E056F1ABM1 1025402 80%DF FRNTR 56BTU 18" EA
MG1E070F1AAM1 1025403 80%DF FRNTR 70BTU EA
MG1E070F1ABM1 1025404 80%DF FRNTR 70BTU 18" EA
MG1E077F1AAM1 1025405 80%DF FRNTR 77BTU EA
MG1E077F1ABM1 1025406 80%DF FRNTR 77BTU 18" EA
MG1E090F1AAM1 1025407 80%DF FRNTR 90BTU EA
MG1E090F1ABM1 1025408 80%DF FRNTR 90BTU 18" EA